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If you landed on this SEO page, you most likely did a Google search for Gateshead SEO. You found us because we practice what we preach and understand the most important ranking factors on Google.  With our custom month-to-month approach to SEO Google ranks us and we offer the same service for your business.

We specialise in working with start up companies and small to medium size business across the North East.

Helping you create Social Media Campaigns, PPC AdWords & Digital Marketing Strategies all delivering maximum Search Engine Optimisation.

We use SEO to build engaging digital marketing audienceses & convert clicks to customers.

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PPC/AdWords Strategies

Successful PPC (pay per click) management needs a thorough understanding of ad campaign strategies and budget planning. We have been producing and controlling profitable paid marketing strategies for many North East based companies. Data-driven insights alongside technology and creativity, allow us to create profitable campaigns that make a real difference.

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SEO & Content Marketing

SEO is an integral marketing process for any business that wants to reach an online audience. Improving your online


SEO visibility in search engines like Google and Bing will have a positive impact on your business’ profitability. All good

SEO marketing agents understand the power of SEO, not all will devote a one to one specialist to work with you.

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Social Media Management

Connect to your target audience through managed and paid social ads. Paid social is an incredibly competitive, yet important place to be. Social media advertising allows your business to reach almost any new and existing customer. Social media advertising enables you to segment your audience  into the people you want to reach, promote your products or services to the right people.

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Business Development

This is another way in which we differ to everyone else.  Along with SEO and other digital marketing we only work with one company per industry sector you get our one to one attention.  We can work alongside your commercial departments like sales and marketing and share our knowledge and experience.  Formulating sales strategies, marketing plans and strategic growth are some of the extra services we offer.

Let Us generate leads

When we work you our "one company, one industry" rule is applied.  This means that we will not work with your competitors, we focus solely on you and your business needs.

Digital Marketing

We are not looking to be the next big thing.  working with like minded small to medium size and new start up companies is what interests us.

We look at each customer on a case by case basis. We understand every business is different. 

A lot of business is developed through relationships and that is the key for us.  We want to look forward to speaking to you.  Conversely we want you to look forward to speaking to us too!

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