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SEO Gateshead is an essential digital marketing service for any organisation that wants to attract an online audience. Increasing your visibility in search engines like Google and Bing can have a real positive impact on your business’ profitability.


All good digital marketing companies understand the power of SEO marketing, not all have the resources, the experience and the time to give to clients.  As we only work with one company per industry we have that time to devote to you.


SEO is an ever changing landscape that requires an experienced marketer to deliver results that last and improve your bottom line. – Today’s multi-channel digital world, has more businesses turning to search engine optimisation agencies to help them grow.


That's where we come in and help you to grow your online presence.  Small to medium sized organisations do not have the time to do this themselves.  Often they do not know where to start and come to companies like us.


You probably have enough to do every day and have not got he time to actively engage in a specialised area like search engine optimisation.  So leave it to us and let us become your online digital marketing partner.

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Content Optimisation

Google needs to be able to understand the content of a website therefore the need is high for quality technical SEO. From Google's initial crawl to how it indexes your site, technical deficiencies can create difficulties for the crawl process, leading to lost organic visibility and growth.

Additionally a site with poor technical SEO can often experience a negative impact on all areas of your website, reducing the success of your content and the functionality of your site.

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Content Marketing

We develop every stage of the content optimisation process with our clients, from the keyword research to monitoring performance analytics to see how the changes have worked.

Also our content optimisation service compliments our off-page SEO offerings to form a complete individual SEO strategy. When your site is technically sound, content optimisation and creation development will make sure that your site is able to rank competitively for your relevant keywords.

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Local SEO

Regional SEO has changed a lot over recent years. Going from simply targeting search terms with geo-locations, we now have to consider the effect of map packs.  Also intelligent search functionality from different devices driven by person choice, and a lot more.


Local SEO strategy, which aims to ensure your business is it’s most visible in your key areas online. People searching no longer have to type in their location to see search results which are relevant to their location. 


What does this mean for you?  Businesses like you trying to reach a local audience.  As well as customer bases cannot rely on high rankings for search queries which include geo-locations.

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SEO Audit

We will start by undertaking an SEO audit as one-off project, or as a way to support an ongoing strategy you have in place. Each audit SEO audit will involve the following:

  1. A fact-finding meeting to understand your main business areas of focus.
  2. A research project, during which we use a range of practices and investigative process to compile our recommendations.
  3. A comprehensive report that will explain your current performance and our SEO recommendations.

Impression has delivered technical, content and link audits for a wide range of large and medium-sized businesses across numerous sectors, including both B2B, B2C and non-profit.

Technical SEO Audit

The goal of our technical SEO audit is to help you make your site easier for search engines and users to navigate. For a lot of our clients, this process involves a review of the website’s crawlability, index coverage status.

Your audit may include:

  • Crawler control recommendations, particularly for large sites

  • Considerations for sites with complex faceted navigation and/or pagination issues

  • Page speed recommendations

On-Site SEO Audit

Our on-site content audit is the most important metric. Search engines need to understand the searches that you are eligible to rank for. Our review targets the quality of your existing on page content.  We also identify possible longer-term strategies to enable you to grow your organic visibility further. Your audit may include:

  • Analysis of current keyword targeting successes and opportunities

  • Content gap analysis

  • Competitor content analysis

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